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Melinda Essey cooking at a kitchen bench

The Messey Table

A headshot of Melinda Essey

Melinda Essey

An obsession with delicious, affordable and sustainable food is at heart of everything we do at The Messey Table.


Founder Melinda Essey believes in preserving what’s plentiful, cooking from scratch and minimising food waste. A self-confessed food nerd, Melinda left the corporate world over a decade ago to share her passion for sustainable and tasty food.


With the creation of The Messey Table she's continuing to spread awareness on how to create low-waste, affordable food offerings through market stalls, cooking classes, catering, long table lunches and hampers.


The Messey Table also represents Paddy’s Markets, showcasing their dedicated growers and fresh produce. You can catch these cooking segments at Seven Sunrise, Studio 10 and in-store.

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